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World Wide Medical Physics can help your facility meet state regulations that require area surveys for all radiation producing machines. We have the experience and equipment to perform the necessary tests and provide reporting to state inspectors in a timely manner. We have experience with facilities ranging from radiation therapy devices such as linear accelerators and Tomotherapy units, all the way down to small dental and chiropractic x-ray units. All are equipment is up to date a calibrated by the ADCL.  


World Wide Medical Physics has participated in the shielding design of over 100 facilities throughout the region. We are involved in the review of blue prints and we work with the architects and construction managers to have a properly functioning and shielded room, whether it be for diagnostic x-rays, CT simulation, MRI or PET units, and also dental units that are becoming common in many orthodontics offices. WWMP will work with your design team to help create room designs that comply with NCRP guidelines and also make sure you have appropriate shielding and sensible design. Our recommendations are presented in a timely manner so that construction will not be delayed and your project can keep moving smoothly and on schedule.


World Wide Medical Physics has all of the treatment planning systems and equipment needed for a successful Brachytherapy implant, as well as many years of experience in the specialty. We are equipped to do prostate implants that are preplanned and have stranded seeds or we can perform real time implants while performing inter-surgery dosimetry. We use a Sonalis 3G ultrasound and avariseed. We also perform a wide variety of HDR brachytherapy procedures including mammosite, vaginal cylinder, and tandem and ovoid. We are knowledgeable and experienced on both Varian and Nucletron HDR units.


World Wide Medical Physics is proficient in the commissioning of all types of Varian Linear Accelerators and Eclipse treatment planning systems as well as all Elekta Linear Accelerators and Pinnacle treatment planning systems. All of these facilities are able to perform advanced and sophisticated treatments such as IMRT, RapidArc or VMAT, SRS, SBRT, and DIBH. We have several portable water tanks available for measurements and can assist the on-site physicist with data collection or perform all of the duties in a timely manner. We have commissioned over 20 machines. Many of these commissioning jobs have been completed in as little as ten days. World Wide Medical Physics will perform a complete end to end commissioning of your new Linear Accelerator as well as treatment planning system and ensure that your machine meets industry standards and is safe for effective treatment.


At World Wide Medical Physics we are aware that physicists at many facilities do not have the staffing, time or equipment to perform their annual quality assurance testing. WWMP has the equipment and expertise to perform all of your facilities testing that is required by the ACR and the AAPM. All of our equipment is current and calibrated with the ADCL. The can alleviate your facility from  having to purchase expensive equipment that is only used once a year. Tests performed include:

  • AAPM .TG-51
  • Photon output constancy for each beam energy
  • Electron output constancy for each beam energy
  • Percent depth dose for each photon and electron energy
  • Off axis ratios for each photon and electron energy
  • All hard and dynamic wedges
  • Block, tray and all MLC tests
  • Output constancy versus gantry angle
  • Monitor chamber linearity
  • Transmission factors
  • Safety interlocks
  • Table testing
  • Table sag



World Wide Medical Physics has been providing qualified medical physics staffing in the northern Ohio area for the past 30 years. The Radiation Oncology landscape has been changing rapidly in the past decade and WWMP has helped many institutions make a smooth transition. Our staff of highly trained physicists are competent with all modalities and have experience with IMRT, Rapid Arc or VMAT, SRS, SBRT, and DIBH. Our current facilities are using the latest technologies and treatment methods in the field to provide state of the art care to patients.